Real enough…(my new poem)

Real enough

The kids move easily in imaginary worlds.

They conjure the details as needed,

and repeat them to me

to confirm what must be real right now.

They don’t need many details,

the facts are simple,

the yin and the yang are vivid.

The bad monkeys have no masks,

the good monkey catchers have the kids’ faces

and they have super powers too,

powers so vast, potent, inspired by the urgency

of good crushing evil,

every power springs from the end of the mighty sword

that looks like a wrapping paper tube in different light.

The kids move easily in imaginary worlds

where sufficient reality can be summoned,

and outcomes are fixed,

and there is only valor and virtue and victory.

* * * *

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“Real enough” was Inspired by Alison Gopnik:

“It’s not, as scientists used to think, that children can’t tell the difference between the real world and the imaginary world….It’s just that they don’t see any particular reason for preferring to live in the real one.”

Dr. Alison Gopnik, The Philosophical Baby

Professor of Psychology and Affiliate Professor of Philosophy
 University of California at Berkeley

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