The poems of May Sarton

Old poems are new poems,

the first time you read ‘em…

May Sarton? Who?

If you tend to like poetry that’s lucid, natural, literate, and profoundly observant, I think you’d like to get to know the work of May Sarton. She’s a compelling discovery for me.

Here’s a sample:

“…your special gift,

A detached joy that flowers and makes bloom

The longest silence in the silent room —

And there would be no music if you left.”

May Sarton (Eleanore Marie Sarton) (1912–1995)

Whenever you’re feeling the love,

tu aimeras aussi la musique.

From “Evening Music” in Selected Poems of May Sarton

W. Norton & Company, Inc., New York, 1978, 49.

Book review — an exotic book

by Robert Louis Stevenson,

reminding us that

“many waters cannot quench love”

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