The ringing

It’s mostly music…

The ringing

The children laughing,

and sounding their chimes of mirth,

new peals of young joy.

October 12, 2016

Published February 2017 in my first book of poetry, Writing Rainbows: Poems for Grown-Ups, available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle eBook.

Published by Whispers on December 16,2016

[Maybe you remember a time when you were annoyed by the loud sounds of kids playing, and laughing, and shrieking for the fun of it, and banging on stuff…Did you have my experience? Did you get over being annoyed in about eight seconds? Did you listen more closely to that fantastic music? Are you waiting to hear it again sometime? Yeah.]

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A friend in need…

I meant to offer understanding…

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My first book of poems, Writing Rainbows: Poems for Grown-Ups with 59 new poems, is for sale on Amazon (paperback and Kindle), or free in Kindle Unlimited, click here

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Thieves in the Night

A story of Israel…(book review)

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