A Letter to the 13 Year Old Daughter I Don’t Have
Heath ዟ

I had a conversation with my actual 16 year old daughter, “Yeah I think he (the Don) will be a great president too! If he keeps to his promises that got him elected, he may go down as the best president we’ve had in over a century. We need someone to reduce the power of the federal government and put the power back in the states. We don’t need liberal giving our money away and telling us how we should think and speak and we don’t need a religious right imposing laws that tell us what to do morally and we definitely don’t need either side being run by corporations getting laws passed that hurt us and make them rich… what we do need is someone who will leave us alone and protect our liberties. Quit taking so much of our money and remove some of the regulations that make it so hard and expensive for us to run a business. The POTUS is a powerful position, it is about time we got someone not in the pocket of corporations!”