5 Important Tips For a Successful Product Design

Product design takes careful thought, planning, research, analysis and testing, which is why a lot of tech startup companies struggle with product design as there are just so many factors and considerations to think about. But a successful product design is not impossible to achieve; in fact, it can be quite simple if it is done right. Here are a few considerations to help you and your company come up with an excellent product design:

1. Create a reliable product design team

This should consist of people from different fields to get a wide variety of perspectives. It goes without saying that these individuals should be highly talented and skilled so they can come up with something more than just a mediocre product design. They should have different objectives and goals for the project outcome, but they should also be able to compromise and cooperate to make the project succeed. Product designers, in general, deal with the subjective aspects of product development including product design features, customer profile, user interface and human factors.

2. Prioritize benchmarking

Before you even begin to design your product, you should do an extensive research on all the competitor products on the market — this will give you a clear idea of which design features make a product popular and which ones cause the product to fail. Take all the successful features — improve them if possible — and avoid all the undesirable features. It is also important not to change features that are already familiar to customers as this might discourage customers from even trying the product. It’s like Facebook — nobody likes it every time it changes its look.

3. Simplicity is key

Beauty lies in simplicity, but so does success. Many of the best product designs feature a simple connection between design and functionality. An overcomplicated design has the tendency to make a customer feel alienated, causing the product to do bad in the market. A simple design that is easy to use, on the other hand, is considerably more inviting and thus have the ability to lure in customers. The thing is, the faster a customer understands the product or its message, the bigger the chances of the product being sold.

Think about it this way, a customer typically spends an extremely short amount of time at the retail shelf, which means they actually don’t even have the chance to see or read the product, much less understand it. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about the product design. What you should do is simplify the product design, especially the packaging, so it’s easy to see and understand. This will make the product more memorable to the customer.

4. Hire a consultant

If the product design project is facing a dead end, or is just not working at all, hiring a product design consultant might be the best way to go. This is a great way for tech startup companies to get fresh, new ideas that will definitely work in the market. Product design consultancy firms have the experience and expertise necessary to successfully develop a product. If you’re considering hiring a consultant, it is important that they specialize in the field of your product, such as mechanical design and electronic engineering. A suitable design partner would be Boost Design, a product and engineering design Sydney firm with over 20 years of experience working in tech startup companies. Boost Design and engineering are virtually inseparable so you are sure to benefit from their expertise.

5. Test your product

After designing the product, the next step is to prototype and test it before you release it to the market. You can conduct focus groups and surveys to see if the product design actually works. Interview as many people as possible about your product to determine whether it needs some changes or it is fine the way it is. You can go back to number four and hire a consultant that provides engineering support of existing products. Just remember that if you are going to hire a product design consultant, you might as well choose one of the best in the industry.