Introducing Data & Returns for all ICO’s

Two months ago, I wrote a data-driven Medium article which focused on token returns and the ICO funding landscape. This was before a spectacular bull-run in ETH and BTC, and before a mind-boggling $1.25B that got raised through ICO’s in June and July.

During this period, I shared the dataset behind the article with more than a hundred crypto-enthusiasts, journalists and finance analysts. This overwhelming demand for clean, precise and simple data pointed not only at a growing interest in cryptocurrency tokens but also at the importance and need for transparency in nascent business models and financial markets. The blockchain funding rollercoaster will see new highs and many new lows, and publicly available data is a must.

Rather than writing follow-up articles about the performance of tokens vs ETH & BTC, I set out to build a comprehensive data platform for ICO’s with fellow crypto-enthusiasts.

The result:

TokenData does what the name implies. It shows you issuance data, returns and calendars for 250+ ICO’s and tokens. It’s clean, it’s simple, it’s free and we hope it will cater to a wide range of users.

An accompanying Medium blog (Token Data) and twitter feed supplement the website with data-driven stories, graphs and some well-needed comic relief about the token markets.

Example of what we post on our blog and twitter

So: Visit, read the full story behind our launch on Token Data and check out some fancy charts (nr 1 , nr 2). Follow us if you liked what you saw, and leave us a note!


Ricky & the TokenData team

— — — —

Thanks to Steven McKie, BlockChannel and everyone who inspired and helped us to build TokenData