How do we reform tech?
Anil Dash

Agree with your thoughts about this issue. Something we can do to make things better and let things happen organically is to be more inclusive. I see companies claiming to be trying to hire minorities (any and all of them) but something I have noticed is that to get a good job, you need to be connected. There are many tech events every year, and most of them are not accessible to many minorities because of the cost to attend. Why don’t we start by inviting these minorities (free of charge) to tech events so they can take advantage of networking, and also to increase their visibility? It seems to me this is a simple first step and yet, not one seems to be doing it. As an immigrant, a Hispanic and a software engineer, I have tried to attend many of these events unsuccessfully. It all start with access to people, and places, and events. Simple things like this make all of us more visible.

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