Soul Clap: Away From The Digital Domain

Our connection to the digital domain is undeniable and (at times) inescapable; our worlds are tied together by interfaces, touchscreens, and the jungle of apps that populate them.

On August 18th, we’re presenting a very special party in London where we look to sever that attachment. Along with our friends at Ray-Ban and a roll call including headliners Kerri Chandler and Jeremy Underground, as well as heavy hitters like Bicep and Soul Clap, we’re steering a journey into the world Unplugged tomorrow night.

To precede this night of digital displacement, we checked in with Eli Goldstein and Charles Levine of Soul Clap, the disk jockey/disco-­dancing duo who have tapped into the non-­electronic on their label Soul Clap Records. A number of these unplugged artists also feature on Soul Clap’s upcoming album Soul Clap. Listen to the album’s lead single for a sneak peek to the October 14th arrival.

With the bosses embracing the acoustic so often, we thought we’d ask them for their favourite examples. The result? A beautiful introduction to Soul Clap friends and family who cope just fine without web and wires.