Dealing With Decision Paralysis

The overwhelming luxury of choice

As the date gets closer to my college graduation I feel tons of emotions rising from my soul. At first I feel like, “YES! LIBERATED!” I know I am ready to just go head on against the world and kick some ass doing what I love.

But… wait.

I love a lot of things! How is it that I’ll make a living doing all the things I love? How can I write, make music, read, start a business, travel, work out, meditate or….. THINK?! I won’t have time to think?!?! I am so overwhelmed that I sometimes wish I was born in the middle ages, when you were literally just thrown into a trade and no matter what, you had to just do that for ever. Honestly, I would have liked it, knowing me, I fucking love everything.

Everything is so incredibly interesting, all that exists is so incredibly complex, mysterious, and deep! GOSH SO DEEP! It all blows my mind! GAHH! What a curse… In a world that upholds the specialist, being me is so difficult. As I write this, I feel like my only choice is to start a business that incorporates most of the things I love. Its the only decision that I can make that is truly sustainable.

I have to eat, you know? Yeah, really, lets stay practical here.

A business that combines more than one subject area is nothing new in history. It’s actually the way most businesses are born in our modern capitalistic economy. Think of Apple! Steve Jobs’ love for calligraphy paved the way to combine those skills into designing the sleekest and sexiest tech products the world has ever seen. He just followed his instinct. He knew he had to start a business because he knew he just couldn’t do just one thing. He loved designing, creating, thinking, and “playing the orchestra” of Apple.

Fear does play a role. Just because it feels like making a choice will make me miss out on other amazing things in life. But honestly, if I don’t make a choice… I’ll lose it all.

-Ricky Adrian