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Scholar George Myerson has recently written a study of happiness. After 250 pages tracking moments of joy throughout history, he concludes that humans are happiest hanging with friends, gathered around tables with good food and conversation and laughter. If as you dine together you can also provide help for others — then, according to Myerson, you’ve won the lottery of life.

Leonard Sweet, From Tablet to Table: Where Community Is Found and Identity Is Formed

“How epic would it be if we could have huge family meals with all our friends every week?”

“To have all OUR friends, we’d need the biggest table in the world.”

“You know what I mean 😜”

“Hey, I’m not ruling that out.”

“Go on….”

“Well, our apartment is only 550 square feet so we’d need to make some drastic changes. To seat, say, 24 people we’d have to replace half of it with a dining room.”

“Will that work?”

“Let me get my measuring tape….

It’ll fit but this is audacious.”

“We’re audacious. Let’s do it”

So we did.

We took apart the apartment we loved.

6 things our interns added to the culture of innovation.

The second week of August is a very strange time at Barkley. Suddenly over one weekend the total energy level drops perceptibly. I walk around the building and things are a little quieter. There are a few empty desks around. We ask for help from people who are no longer there.

The end of our paid summer internship program is the saddest time for me. After 10 weeks of twenty-two extra college students running amok, it feels like I’m going to get “back to school blues”.

There are a lot of social and corporate benefits to an internship program (helping…

A picture is worth a 1000 words
A prototype is worth 1000 pictures

Being obsessed with testing and iterating in our lab, we now have feedback sessions every month. These are two-way in nature–I get feedback on how I am doing and I give feedback to my boss.

Last week he was asking me about how he is doing and I chatted to him about how within our team of four we throw ideas around like they are worth pennies, but when we want to talk to him about ideas we have to develop them into half-baked prototypes.

This was…

Ricky Catto

Innovator at Moonshot Lab https://goo.gl/amVkX6 #rickywhitney | If it ain’t broke, take it apart to find out why.

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