T Minus 2 days and D3.js Practice

Only two days left before bootcamp starts at Makersquare and I’m excited to begin my journey to become a full-stack developer. I’ve since moved out to West LA and begun my struggle with the traffic that defines the city. There hasn’t been much time to code the past few days, but I’ve done my best to be ready for class day 1.

Because the course is so fast paced, I’ve tried doing tutorials and previews of some libraries and technologies that I might’ve not had experience with before. If my experience has taught me anything so far learning programming, it’s that learning anything on first attempt is a struggle. However, the struggle gets easier every time you encounter a problem or new technology.

One particular library that I enjoyed was working with was D3.js. It is a powerful infovis library capable of working with large amounts of data and displaying it in whichever way your imagination can think of. For practice, I made a simple interactive chart of one of LA’s most revered athletes, Kobe Bryant.

Kobe the Legend

Seeing as this is his final year, I wanted to code up something to show his statistics over time. To create the chart, I used jQuery and D3 as well as some…borrowed images from ESPN.

You can see the interactive version at my personal site here.

D3 was a little difficult to pick up at first, but the beauty of it was that once I had an basic grasp of it, it was easy to manipulate lots of data at once. I only had to write the code once, and could apply it to all of his statistics that read from a .csv file. I’ll be looking forward to using D3 along with a bunch of other libraries at Makersquare!

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