My Resolutions(Goals) For 2K18

> Stop rating everything: people, things going on around me, such as traffic(i.e. Discontinue overthinking and over analyzing).

> Stop judging anything and everything. The mental social commentary is unnecessary and accomplishes nothing.

> Stop living by the clock: formulating every step of my life by clock time. i.e.: be more spontaneous in life and surrender always having to be on “time”.

> Stop old habits from working years: always feeling rushed; thinking there’s another task coming up which I must fulfill. Do what I want to do in a day and don’t sweat what I don’t get to or change my mind about.

> In reference to above: Don’t Sweat Anything.

> Stop telling all that I know or have seen or just seen simply for personal entertainment and ego fulfillment. Hold my tongue unless what is to be said will be beneficial to another or others. Otherwise keep quiet.

> Related to above: keep my thoughts more private. As my wife has said: “Everybody knows everything about you because you share everything.” (a) Be seen less in public except for events involving my youth work. (b) Speak less, MUCH less.

> Stay out of conversations, even if they’re happening right in front of me, unless invited in such as “what is your opinion?” or “have you ever had this experience, too?” And then, keep responses on the subject without elaboration.

> Don’t be harsh with the dog for being a dog. He does nothing to purposefully harass or irritate me. He functions on instinct and not human intellect.

> DROP POLITICS FOR GOOD! As hard as that may be, it is an ego thing for me and nothing is to be gained except by my ego, in talking about it, debating it, etc. No laws or politicians are affected by my opinions. I will not run for office in 2018 or 2019 though the chances of being elected are good. It’s a pure ego trip and I need the energy and time for my work with youth.

> Continue to reach out to young people so as to reduce suffering and increase happiness in their lives. Continue to effectively use social media as a platform to put out material that may shine a little light into their minds, fighting the “establishments’ ” efforts to enslave them.

> Continue on the Raw Vegan Path perpetually educating myself and sharing that knowledge with others when appropriate.

> Continue walking, biking, yoga and other exercise.

> Drop obligations! The idea that I have certain obligations to certain people or people in general needs to walk out of the door. It may seem selfish, but in fact is healthy. I’ve gotta be about ME. Anyone who truly knows me knows that I’m not a selfish person. I am not obligated to worry about what other people think about me. As well, I do not and cannot control other people’s opinions and emotions. They are self-produced by each individual.

> Stop holding back on ideas or goals because it seems pointless as I have only a short time left on this earth. This is ridiculous! My dad’s mother died one month shy of her 95th birthday and in December he celebrated his 87th. I have 25 years to reach his current age. That’s a quarter of a century yet! And when I hit his age I should be in better health, physically, mentally and all around. Move through each day as if I will live forever.

> Stop being on guard all of the time. I don’t know if it’s leftover from childhood because of my mother or a vestige of my working years. I seem to be constantly on guard that something bad is about to or may happen to me. This has resulted in muscular back and shoulder tension.

And so, after some reflection the last week of 2K17, and looking at my first full year fully retired, above is my list of what I would like to work on regarding me.