Well as far as being a crossfit athliet, im in rough shape, i had a rude awakening today. The workout was 1 800 meter run , 10 overhead squats, 10 box jump overs, 10 thrusters, 10 power cleans, 10 toe to bar, 10 burpee _chin to bar, 10 toe to bar, 10 power cleans, 10 thrusters,10 box jump overs, 10 over head squats, 400 meter run. This is a good workout but not as rough as we have had it. The lesson i learned for the second or third time in my life is that you must have good fiul in your body in order to go at your best. Nutrition must be kept or you will loose most your stringh and energy… everything. I may be doing a compitition called the Festivus Games in april wich i almost won last year but last year is another story. Last year i ate mostly paleo.. the perfect fiul says the navy seals. I was in hell hateing life today and my diet has been posta, and other foods unhealthy like hamburgers. Hamburger is not completely unhealthy its what has been put in it. The buns is bad carbs pushing your suger level up and insolin level wich soon crashes. The katch up is full of suger and corn syrup wich causes inflamation to everything you can think of in your body. I been eating prossesed foods because its hard to offord to eat healthy. So out the window went good proformance. I barely made it threw this workout and i layed down for about an hour before i left the box (crossfit gym).