I’m no poet. I’m no writer. I’m not a talented individual

I just have chaotic thoughts that flow through my being, my soul

I just speak what I believe to know. I’m not wise

I wish I was more concise

However mundane this form of expression may turn out to be, for me

It’s worth trying to put what’s in my head to text for people to see

Some say pen to paper, I say keyboard to finger

For we are the future

We need not swing an ancient sword, a metaphorical inc and quill

We have plenty of weapons of the modern era that plague us, make us ill

I don’t mean guns or bombs, but rather the weapons of the mind

We must develop vision from a time when we were once blind

The world still reeks of the smell of ignorance

It remains because society encourages it’s permintance

We have the writings of so many great philosophers

We have the language and history of so many cultures

We have more information than any previous generation

I say we use it, combined with our imagination

That’s our eras issue, is taking what we have and implementing

So that we may progress, expanding ideas and innovating

Distracted by platinum and chrome, conformity has trapped us beneath the dome

Why no more leaders of social exploration? Answers seeking

Why no power behind the movement to pay attention? History’s repeating

Right in front of us, we let it pass us by

Not even a stop to sigh, no one is willing to start a fuss

Thing’s that matter have meandered off into the dust

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