We Are (And Always Will be)

I can trace every event to this moment
From prologue to end and back in place
I can see far from now and far from here
We will all find shelter at the same place
In the end we are transient and finite
Meant to die but never meant to truly live

We are all vacuums
Devoid of all and everything
We are all slaves
Longing to be freed from these prisons
The bounds of mortality define us
But I beg to see the definition
I implore you to try

We've had it with transitioning between
We will no longer be complacent
With terror and violence, masks and shields
We will fallow our own paths
Whatever they may be

(I can hear them now, ever closer)
We will remain and always be
Voices in the void betwixt the pillars
Its no longer quiet here
Its loud and full of nerve

This world is full of noise and static
We are full of dust and particles
Twisting in our beds and homes
We are everlasting and meant to be more

We are
We are
Always will be

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