Yangon, Myanmar, 2013

In late 2013, on an occasional visit to Singapore, a friend offered to explore Yangon together as the country opened its doors to foreign visitors.

Flying around the world, only to end up in Asia again

Just some weeks ago, with a cheap mistake fare, my college friend Chiarng and I embarked on a two week journey around the world spanning New York, Milan, Florence, Prague, Sapporo, and Tokyo.

The plan was perfect until we got into a suffocating traffic jam, and missed the check-in at JFK. Entering crisis mode, we inquired airlines what their flight prices are to various destinations as we weighed our options to get out of New York City.

As we still have unused one-way tickets from Japan to San Francisco…

Ricky Pai

Food quality inspector @twitter. Occasionally writes code and shoots cosplay.

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