I’m joining Scale!

My Previous Chapter:

Enter Scale

  • Founders, culture and values: Alex and Lucy met working together at Quora a few years ago. This is a very important thing for me as I like to see founders who have previously worked together before starting a new company.
  • Product & Vision: This company has a huge opportunity to change the way we work and the way we interact with technology.
  • Customers: Another strong point in favor of joining this team is the product already works on large enterprises like Uber, Alphabet, P&G, and Houzz.
  • Growth: The company is growing rapidly. After seeing their internal dashboard, I realized I was joining something that’s working. Customers love it.
  • Investors: They started at Y Combinator, and in 8 months they had a strong product and great customers. The best investors in the Bay Area are backing Scale, and their advisers are people with extraordinary experience in the field.
  • My passion: I realized, while I was interviewing, that my passion is to design for the developer experience, as I did before for Auth0 and Gitlab. Alex, Lucy, and their investors believe in the same values as I: Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.

My role

  • Branding: I am going to help develop our branding. We want our identity to communicate how easy and enjoyable your work can be with the help of Scale.
  • Website: My plan for the website is to keep it small, with no more than 15 pages, where all the communication is clear and where the content precedes the design. I will use live demos of Scale, as I did in my previous positions.
  • Blog: Medium is great, but as we grow, we want our own house!
  • Dashboard: With the help of user research, I plan to improve our new user on-boarding and customer dashboards.
  • Integration: I’m going to unify the Website, Blog and Docs with a React + Next.JS app, to provide a single destination and better experience for our visitors.




Design @ Scale.

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Ricky Rauch

Ricky Rauch

Design @ Scale.

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