The Apple-Google shift
Elliot Jay Stocks

If Google could make as good of apps for Android as it does iPhone, don’t you think they would? It’s not that the apps themselves are fundamentally different, it’s the interface that you’re seeing which makes the difference. Google and their partners haven’t been able to capture that “magic” experience that the iPhone brings.

The fact is that there’s been a dearth of innovation across any type of computing device, be it phone, tablet, or laptop. You’re trying to make connections that aren’t there by saying since Apple has plateaued, the rest of the industry must be doing better than it. That’s flawed logic. You mention several things like the fact that Google has it’s own proprietary hardware as if they were new pieces of information (Nexus has been around quite a while). There’s literally nothing written here that could or should convince anyone to switch.

The iPhone is still the most polished experience and there’s nothing that you need to do that you can’t do on an iPhone. Yes, Android has caught up in many ways. Yes, Android has went further in many ways (though I’d argue not very usefully). Honestly, it’s all a bit stale to me at this point. Even reading articles like these is becoming stale…I just don’t care about arguing the nuances between two “great” systems. Flip a coin…it’s that simple.