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It would indeed be an astonishing thing if those who are promoting celibacy as the only option for homosexuals (supposedly), that a survey of truth-be-told-give-us-the-FACTS on all the heterosexual Christians who have NOT had sex with their chosen partner before marriage… and been adamant virgins before and until the wedding vows are exchanged.

The thing I most abhor about being a Christian, and I am one, (who is also same gender desirous), is that they are a mass of hypocritical, sin-selective brain-numbs. Those who cannot adhere to John 3:16, Romans 13:10, and all of Galatians three, are not qualified to be Christians in my view!! Because let’s face it, all those who have armloads of stones to throw at others… I doubt there is a single one on the planet who does NOT violate the Sabbath every week of their lives!! And not a single one who can live out, nor are able to, the Ten Commandments, period! But willingly blast all those “others,” who sincerely desire to be joined in a love union (marriage); no, they’d rather still have the smugness to throw an “adultery” label at them. Give me a break! Half the damn church is composed of the divorced and remarried — which makes the lot of them basically adulterers themselves. Oh, they scream, we made a mistake, we have repented, we are under grace, we can get married to someone else!!!

How absolutely convenient! I guess no one else but you then qualifies for grace? Please go back to the Bible and read the book. No, grace is not a license to sin… but even Peter was admonished three times in the vision of the animals lowered in a sheet from heaven… what God has cleansed, call that neither common nor unclean. (And the issue was not about what to eat for dinner!) Jesus Christ came to save the world, not condemn it. And when there is an issue concerning love, where is your common sense? God is love, and the author of it. Nowhere in my Bible does it say to any “ONE” class or kind or type of people on the face of the earth: Thou shalt NOT love nor BE loved,” does it? Sorry about that. If love is not to be, then life is not worth the living.

Use the brain God gave you. Albeit a great difficulty for some people…. Love is neither a sin, wrong, evil, nor immoral. Work with it. Throwing in Acts 13: 38–39. (And the one you all can’t seem to absorb, Gal. 3:28–29.)

Get over yourselves, and BE Christians. Not lame-brained, self-serving, heart-cold hypocrites.