In Your Week: Where to stream the third and final Presidential debate tonight for FREE

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will face each other for the last time on the 2016 Presidential election debates.

It’s a Wednesday night like no other in America as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump get ready to face off for the third and final time before the Presidential elections on November 8; and with it, comes a tsunami of media coverage that’s made it easier than ever to stream the #2016Election and engage with its trending topics between now and election day.

Riding The Live Stream Wave

If you own a TV and live in the United States, you may already know that the debates air on local cable at no additional cost just by simply hooking up your TV to an antenna. Let’s face it, though, the marriage between digital stream channels and social networks have made an easier option to watch the presidential debates from wherever you are, while engaging in the social media interaction. Here’s the In Your Week guide of FREE ways to stream the 2016 Presidential Debates whether you are on-the-go or want to keep up with the live discussions and trends.

Traditional Stream Channels

Stream On Social Channels

Ricky Zea is an editor at In Your Week and is looking forward to the 2016 Election being over.