How to build React apps on top of the WordPress REST API
Andrey Pokrovskiy

This is, by far, the best step-by-step REST API to React tutorial I’ve found so far. The first one I can follow and understand.

Just one doubt: I have a API call to get the menus (/wp-api-menus/v2/menus/2) instead of creating one dynamically trough the pages.

How would I implement that? I tried making an this.menuEndPoint, but it’s not working. Care to help me out?

// DataActions

constructor() {

this.menuEndPoint = `${appUrl}/wp-json/wp-api-menus/v2/menus/2`;


getMenu(cb) { // What is this cb?


this.getPages(response, cb)


// DataStore


getAllMenus: this.getAllMenus


getAllMenus() {

retur this.getState();

// Nav

let allMenu = DataStore.getAllMenus(); <- This returns nothing.

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