Resistance to Canadian racism needs to look beyond borders

By Anthony Morgan

When it comes to racism in Canada, our national tendency is to measure ourselves against the lowest standards of modern decency, rather than our highest principles of common humanity. …

Electronic music artists want equal recognition for their skills

By Melissa Fong

“A while back I thought it was the accessibility to technology that was the problem,” says Jen Pearson, a Vancouver DJ who encourages mentorship of female electronic music artists. “But technology is mostly gender neutral and accessible now…

National Council of Canadian Muslims sued Harper and his spokesperson for alleging the group had terrorist ties

By Andrew Mitrovica

History, of sorts, was made last week. But if you blinked, you probably missed it. No, it wasn’t the standard neoliberal budget crafted by the former chair of the C.D…

Part 2 of a feature conversation with author and activist Raj Patel

By Derrick O’Keefe

Could a transition to different farming methods help save the world from climate catastrophe and feed more than seven billion people? Writer and activist Raj Patel says yes, as long as there’s political will and…

An interview with Chinese activist Li Maizi

By Toula Drimonis

In the spring of 2015, Li Tingting was detained for 37 days in the People’s Republic of China for planning “public acts of feminism.” The young women’s rights campaigner and lesbian activist, who goes by the pseudonym Li Maizi, was…

As our illusion of safety disappears worldwide, music, art, and theatre can bring us together

By Hadani Ditmars

There was a moment the other night in Vancouver that made recent global horrors seem far away yet so close.

I was sitting in the dark with dozens of people, families and friends, at a “theatre under the stars” production in the park, watching the last scene in West Side Story. In…

NSA whistleblower fears for the safety of three families who sheltered him in 2013

By Ethan Cox

In 2013, Edward Snowden was a man on the run. The National Security Agency contractor had fled his home in Hawaii with a trove of classified documents that revealed the existence of a…

International volunteers joining the fight for freedom and gender equality in Middle East

By Jenna Cocullo

I stood behind a crowd of 80 people, most from the Kurdish community, who were paying their last respects to Nazzareno Tassone, known as Sheid Agir in Kurdistan. The young man, a Canadian international volunteer, fought alongside Kurdish forces in northern Syria. The memorial, organized by members of the Kurdish community in Canada, took place Jan. 9 in Ottawa near Parliament Hill at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

While official soldiers for the Canadian Armed Forces who are martyred in combat get elaborate ceremonies for risking their lives to defend our principles of democracy and freedom, Canadian citizens who volunteer to help…

Infamous provocateur dumped after comments on pedophilia resurface

By Toula Drimonis

Milo Yiannopoulos has had a very bad week. First his keynote speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference was cancelled, then his $250,000 book deal with publisher Simon & Schuster was rescinded, and finally he was forced to resign…

Bombing of shrine just one of a string of incidents over the past week in Pakistan

By Jahanzeb Hussain

Whether in Quebec or Pakistan, Donald Trump doesn’t like to mention terrorist attacks in which Muslims are killed. Even though, worldwide, Muslims are the primary victims of so-called jihadi terrorist groups, Trump only tweets or talks about attacks that victimize non-Muslims.

The U.S. president’s bigoted double-standard was on full display again last week as he referenced a non-existent incident in Sweden while ignoring an all-too-real attack in Sehwan, Pakistan in which dozens…

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