Korean Mail Order Brides: How To Get A Korean Wife

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Korean women have a feminine body and an elegant face that makes them so desirable for all Western men. Korean ladies are very exotic and often have striking childish and cute features.

All Asian mail order brides are very hardworking. But Korean girls are also very sociable because they like to meet friends to eat or go shopping together. They love to explore the latest fashion and to wear extraordinary and unusual clothes to the public. The awareness of beauty and fashion among the Koreans is strong.

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Korean mail order brides have a magic appearance

A few decades ago, Koreans didn’t marry foreigners — cross-cultural couples were not stigmatized, but such marriages weren’t also accepted or encouraged by society. However, in the 21st century, western culture started to affect South Korea, and now Korean parents don’t think that international marriage is a complete disaster for their family anymore. That, in part, contributed to the rise of the popularity of international dating sites. Women who used them to find foreign husbands were called Korean mail order brides. In this guide, we’ll describe their national traits, Korean dating culture, life with a Korean wife after marriage, and also tell you how one can find real Asian brides online fast and easily.

Korean singles delight with their pretty and large-looking eyes as well as their beautiful, soft, and light skin. They have a well-tightened body and beauty by which almost every Korean woman can brag. This ranges from a stylish outfit that fits the right moment. In addition to modern hairstyles and well-groomed nails, this also includes carefully applied make-up. When it comes to appearance, Korean women usually don’t leave chances. All of this serves the constant effort to conform to the current Korean ideal of beauty. This includes, for example, the large and beautiful eyes, wrinkle-free light skin, and supple, dark hair.

With a mostly small body size and a low weight, Korean girls almost always look extremely delicate, sometimes almost childish. Despite a balanced and light diet, fitness also plays an important role in their lives.

Korean women are gentle and family-oriented

The pretty and elegant Korean brides are feminine, sociable, and gentle. They are usually rather reserved. Of course, not all Korean women are the same. Each of them is an individual. But in general, they’re helpful and intelligent. For the Koreans, family and friends are very important. Korean girls are excellent mothers.

Korean mail order brides are very sensual

The warmth of Korean women is particularly noticeable on a trip to Korea. Korean girls are helpful and hospitable. The women in Korea have a unique charm that you hardly find in any other woman. They are very nice, even if they seem to be a bit shy at first. Korean brides are very pretty and inspire with a very special aura of sensuality. Korean women also have a strong belief in a beautiful life that they want to enjoy.

Korean women want to find a reliable man

The most important characteristic that Korean mail order wives expect from a partner hardly differs from what almost every woman would like — namely an honest and loyal behavior. However, securing one’s own family also plays an important role in choosing a partner. Hence, the man should be able to take care of his wife and children. This is closely related to a high level of education.

Korean females also attach great importance to intelligence and hard work. As an effect on these traits, it is very important for a man to have a well-paid, respected and above all safe job. In a relationship in which two absolutely different cultures come together, conflicts and misunderstandings may naturally arise quickly. Korean mail order wives generally expect a confident man who is able to deal with difficult situations without losing his head. Understanding, reliability and many other such qualities are also valued by Korean ladies.

Why Korean girls for marriage look for foreign husbands

The first most important question to answer is why would a cute Korean bride look for a boyfriend abroad? Why would she move to her husband’s country instead of staying in Korea, which is now considered one of the most developed countries in the world? Well, here are some facts that can help understand single Korean ladies’ motivation.

Don’t overestimate the level of influence of the western trends

Koreans still have to get married at a certain age. Parents who understand that their children can’t find a spouse hire a matchmaker who arranges special meetings with candidates. Some young Koreans are okay with that, but some don’t really like the idea of marrying someone they haven’t actually chosen.

You can get rich or live with parents until you turn 35

It may sound weird, but it’s true. A lot of Koreans live with their parents for a very, very long time, and that, of course, makes it much more difficult to build a healthy relationship with someone. The thing is real estate prices in Korea are just incredibly high, and if you are not a successful businessman or a star, you’ll hardly buy a flat at a younger age.

So why become a Korean mail order bride?

Basically, these are the main reasons why Korean wives marry foreigners. They understand the importance of family, but they need to work too hard, and they don’t have time to build a relationship. However, after they reach a certain age, they realize that they want to start a family. We should also note that a lot of local women are attracted to foreigners, so finding a foreign man who’d be motivated to start a family in the near future, and not in 5 years, seems a win-win solution.

Characteristics & mentality — all you should know about Korean mail order wives

Before we move on to the ways to find Korean wife, let us say a few words about their national traits. You can expect a Korean woman to be:

  1. A perfectionist. Competition in Korea (in all spheres) is more than just fierce. A girl wants to be the most beautiful, the most successful, just the best, and it’s especially important when it comes to looks. Some say that the fact that beauty is a cult is no good for Korean women, but we can’t also deny that the number of incredibly hot women in this country is overwhelming, and that attracts men.
  2. Super attentive and caring. They don’t think that a relationship is just another sphere of life. They make cute gestures, take care of their boyfriends and husbands, and don’t think that’s something that a woman shouldn’t do. For them, a strong bond between two loving people is very, very important.
  3. Shy and well-mannered. That’s a national trait of all Koreans. Many men say that this shyness is exactly what makes Korean girls that cute and attractive. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t mean that they are submissive — they are just not aggressive and too emotional, especially in public.

Is this what you are looking for in a woman? If yes, just keep reading — you’ll find a lot of useful information below.

How to find a Korean wife?

Over 95% of Korean people have smartphones. And they use them all the time. They’re dating on the web, and that’s considered perfectly normal. So, of course, the easiest and fastest way to meet a Korean mail order bride is to create an account on one of the social media sites or international dating sites and start contacting ladies from Korea.

What’s better, Facebook or a niche site? Of course, the platform that was designed to connect people looking for serious relationships works better if you are ready to settle down and know exactly that you’ll find your love in Korea. They provide special services and accept women who are really interested in finding husbands overseas. Basically, you just need to find the right website that can help you find Asian brides online for marriage, complete your profile, describe what you are looking for, and start contacting women.

Can I find a Korean girl for sale?

No, you can’t just mail order Korean brides. It’s about dating online and then meeting a lady in real life, so yes, you’ll need to go to Korea one day, but you’ll have a real girl who’ll be waiting for you there. You can’t just browse a catalog and choose someone, and it’s actually the good news. Getting closer, learning more about each other, finding out if you have similar interests is the key to a happy marriage.

Marriage in Korea — what you should expect?

Here are some facts about Korean dating culture. Read carefully — if you’re going to marry a Korean woman, you’ll need this information!

  • It’s old-school dating, at least at the beginning. There are some courtship rules to follow. For example, it’s normal for a man to pay the bill on a few first dates. Once you get a bit closer, you choose the “system” that’ll work for both of you.
  • Civil marriage is not socially accepted. Living together before marriage is still stigmatized in Korea. Parents of your brides are likely to be surprised, to say the least, to find out that you’re going to live together and have children without registering the marriage. Marrying a Korean woman is just a must if you want to live with her, not to mention asking her to migrate to your country.
  • They aren’t as open-minded as western girls. Yes, Korean brides usually feel uncomfortable talking about sex, especially before marriage. It doesn’t mean they don’t have it, but you need to consider that public displays of affection and talks about intimacy are not as common in Korea as in most western countries.
  • Meeting her parents is an official event. You can’t just meet her parents, say hi, and then go on a date with her. This meeting is scheduled, planned, and it will largely determine your future. If everything goes right, you’ll be able to marry your bride in the future, but if something goes wrong, a woman will hardly go against her family, so take it seriously.
  • They display affection, but in another way. You may wear similar T-shirts, change your relationship status on Facebook, wear cute bracelets for couples, etc. — such things are an important part of Korean dating culture.
  • They always remember about anniversaries. Anniversaries, especially, 100-day and 1000-day ones are super important. Celebrate it — otherwise, your Korean mail order bride may think that you two have problems.

Note that Korean parents will hardly let her marry you if you don’t make enough money. No, they don’t want you to provide for them, they just want a good and safe future for their daughter. Generally speaking, marrying a Korean woman may be a good idea if you are looking for a loving, attentive, caring, respectful wife, a multi-tasker, and a very beautiful woman, but you should also note that you should also have something to offer her, and it’s

Final thoughts

There’s no denying that a lot of men worldwide would like to meet pretty Korean wifes. Today, finding them is absolutely real, but you need to make a thoughtful, informed decision. If you are sure that you can find your love in Korea, why not give it a try, especially considering that there are a lot of legit international dating platforms that can help you make your dream come true.


How to spot a Korean mail order bride?

You can go to Korea and try finding your love there. However, this option might not be as efficient as you wish it was. So, the most effective option is to use mail order brides websites. These platforms provide outstanding opportunities for meeting Korean brides because there are thousands of profiles of these females. Besides, you can use various communication tools to develop your relationships with a Korean wife.

What are the quirks of having a Korean wife?

You’ll never be bored around your Korean mail order bride because she knows how to have fun and make every moment special and memorable. Besides, Korean brides have strong family values, so you need to decide whether you’re ready for commitments and prove the seriousness of your intentions to your Korean wife.

How to charm a Korean wife?

Actually, there’s nothing complicated because Korean wives love their men for who they are, so you don’t have to try too hard to impress them. Be a gentleman and don’t forget about making your Korean girlfriend smile and give her compliments. Also, be kind and respectable because local ladies know their worth and won’t let anyone disrespect them.

Are Korean mail order brides legit?

Yes, they are legit because Korean brides are the ones who decide to create profiles on these websites because they want to meet Western men. They also understand that such platforms are the most effective option for finding their lovers because they offer a variety of choices.

Can I buy a Korean mail order bride?

Buying a bride means paying for the services of a specialized agency. But yes, you can buy a Korean bride because you find her via the mail order wives platform, and it takes care of all the issues to ensure a positive experience for you.

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