Mail Order Brides Cost: How Much Are Mail Order Wives?

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What is the mail order bride pricing? If you are an advantageous love-seeker looking for a soulmate overseas, you should be ready to pay for dedicated services and travel to her country. Our experts conducted in-depth research to find out everything about the cost of mail order brides. Keep reading to discover which regions have the highest and the lowest prices for mail order bride services. Also, find out the aspects that affect the mail order brides cost, how to spend less money on marriage services and which things it is not recommended to save on.

  • 🌐 Best mail order bride services: SofiaDate, SakuraDate, La Date.
  • 💰 Average mail order bride cost: can range from $5,000 to $30,000. This includes expenses related to dating services, travel, visas, and other costs necessary to bring a bride to the groom’s home country and facilitate their marriage.

Factors that affect mail order bride pricing

The average cost of mail order bride depends on numerous factors, including:

  • Destination of your search
  • Gifts and entertainment
  • Mail order bride site policy
  • Whether you use premium features on a website
  • What kind of personality your future spouse is (whether she likes expensive gifts and luxury lifestyle)
  • Whether you want your wife to move to your country

Online expenses

If you puzzle over the question “How much are mail order brides?”, you should start your search from a reputable dating service. The modern market offers a lot of websites suitable for any category of users. To pick the most suitable option, you may read expert reviews on dedicated sites. Once you choose the platform that works for you, be ready to spend money for:

  • Monthly subscription to use all tools that ensure an effective dating experience
  • Additional expenses for video chats, gifts, and unlocking private content
  • Special features for VIP users (depending on the platform you opt for)

Site services

The mail order bride cost also depends on the period you use the site. If you have serious intentions, be ready to pay from $50 to $300 for mail bride services. The more features you use, the higher chances you have to meet your perfect partner, though it significantly increases the mail order bride price.

Best mail order brides services:

  1. SofiaDate
  2. SakuraDate
  3. La Date
  4. TheLuckyDate
  5. Naomidate
  6. BravoDate
  7. EasternHoneys

Typical site services include:

  • Advanced search and matchmaking tools
  • Messaging options
  • Ability to boost the ranking of your profile
  • Gifts and flowers delivery

The registration on the dedicated website is usually free. However, to answer the question “How much is a mail order bride?”, you will need to choose the plan that fits your budget and start your dating adventure.

Offline expenses

  • 🌐 Visa Expenses: $100 — $200
  • ✈️ Tickets: $200 — $3,000
  • 🏨 Accommodation: $200 — $1,000 per week
  • 🍽️ Dating Expenses: Varies
  • 🗣️ Translation Services: $10 — $30 per hour
  • 🚕 Driving Services: Varies

To bring your relationship to a whole new level, you will need to meet in person. But how much is a mail order wife if you plan to visit her region? Here are the most common things you should pay for when traveling to another country. First off, it is necessary to understand where to find a good wife since the destination matters.

The mail order bride prices will vary based on the country and city/town you are going to visit.

Visa expenses

How much does it cost for a mail order bride if the country you are going to visit requires a visa? You will need to learn the entrance policies of the region you will visit before purchasing tickets. Typically, the average visa fees are about $100-$200.


Flight tickets affect the overall cost of mail order bride. The total price depends on your destination and which class you prefer to fly to. Be ready to spend from $200 to $3,000.


The accommodation price depends on which type of housing you prefer. Aside from regular hotels, you can stay in apart-hotels, guest houses, and apartments. Also, it is possible to rent a room. The housing cost may vary from $200 to $1,000 a week.

Dating expenses

Dating expenses depend on how long you are going to live in her country and how you spend your leisure time. Keep in mind that you will need to pay for gifts, restaurants, and trips.

Translation and drives

How much do mail order brides cost if they don’t speak English? To overcome a language barrier, you will need to hire an interpreter. The prices for translation services vary depending on the country. Nevertheless, be ready to pay from $10 to $30 per hour. Also, you will need to pay for driving services. The safest way to move through the city is to use a taxi.

Which country has the highest mail order bride prices?

Asia is considered the most expensive region to look for a partner.

So, how much are mail order wives in Asia? Familiarize yourself with the most popular countries for mail order search.

  • Japan. How much does a wife cost in Japan? The flight tickets from the USA to Tokyo start at $700. The accommodation in Japan is rather expensive. If you want to stay in a decent hotel, be ready to spend $2,000-$3,000 for two weeks. Dining is rather affordable in Japan. You may spend around $500-$1,000 eating out in restaurants.
  • South Korea. The tickets to Seoul cost about $800. An average hotel room will cost you $2,500 for two weeks. Food isn’t expensive in Seoul. If you plan to visit cafes and restaurants, add $500-$800 to the list of your expenses.
  • China. How much does a mail order wife cost in Beijing? Start by booking the tickets. The average price for a ticket to Beijing is $800. This city is more budget-friendly than Tokyo. You will need to spend $1,800-$2,300 for a good hotel for two weeks. If you prefer to eat at restaurants, be ready to spend up to $50 per one person every day.

Which country has the lowest mail order bride prices?

Latin America is considered to be the cheapest destination to find a bride.

How much for a mail order bride is in Latin America? The overall cost for visiting and dating Latin countries is about $4,000-$5,000, including the expenses on tickets and accommodation. You may save on translation services since most Latin beauties speak English well. How much is a bride price if you want to marry your lady in her region? If you organize a marriage in one of the Latin countries, be ready to spend up to $10,000.

Tips on how to save money

If you want to economize on dating services, follow these tips:

  1. Don’t overpay for dating services. If you want to reduce the mail order brides cost, choose the site or monthly plan that offers only the services you need. In case you don’t need to highlight your profile, just don’t pay for these features.
  2. Choose a bride that speaks English fluently. This way, you don’t need to pay for an interpreter and save up to $1,000 per two weeks.
  3. Another way to cut the mail bride order price is to book the tickets in advance. Plan your trip about six months beforehand to get a great deal.

Things it is better not to save on

There are also things that it is better not to save on to avoid spoiling your dating journey.

  1. Don’t save on video chats. Although some mail order bride websites provide additional fees for video chats, this is still the most proven way to interact with your partner and decide whether you want to build relationships with a woman.
  2. Don’t use free services. There are high chances that you meet a scammer on a free website. Paid services have a high level of security. Moreover, professional agencies will always tell you average wife prices before you pay.
  3. Avoid saving on food. It is better to eat out at reputable cafés and restaurants rather than having problems with health.

To sum up

Keep in mind that the cost of a mail order bride doesn’t assume that you need to buy your future wife. The main goal of international dating services is to connect two like-minded people who want to create a family. If you are ready to spend some money for an effective search for your future wife, feel free to sign up on a reliable niche platform.


Is the cost of a mail order bride justified?

The price for mail order bride sites will be completely justified as soon as you meet your soulmate. There is a stereotype that you can’t purchase happiness for money. However, it doesn’t apply to mail order bride platforms. If you have financial possibilities to use the services of professional matchmakers, why not approach them?

What is the average cost of mail order bride?

The average cost of mail order brides depends on the country you visit and whether you want to marry your bride in her region. Usually, it will cost you about $3,500-$6,000 to visit your spouse and about $10,000 to organize a wedding celebration.

What else can be included in the mail order bride pricing?

The mail order bride services may ask for additional funds for organizing transportation and accommodation services. Discuss all terms before planning a trip.

Are mail order bride services legal?

As soon as you use the services of a reputable site, you can legally find a wife. However, if you want your partner to enter the US legally, you will need to get a K-1 fiancée visa.

Where is it better to search for a foreign wife?

Your search should depend on your preferences and expectations. If you are all about exotic Asian beauty, feel free to focus on Asian countries. In case you are crazy about Slavic women, look for a bride in Russia, Ukraine, or Belarus.

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