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A lot of Americans have a warm spot for Oriental beauty in their hearts and want to date Asian girls. With the dating statistics, we can see that such international relationships succeed. Only in 2019, 15,386 new fiancees arrived in the US to marry their foreign partner. But why are Asian ladies to date so popular? Enjoy 10 main reasons that make Westerns fall for and date Asian women and also check out some of the best dating platforms to meet these beauties.

The Best Sites For Marriage & Dating Asian Women

  1. SakuraDate
  2. Naomidate
  3. EasternHoneys
  4. TheLuckyDate
  5. Orchidromance

Top-10 reasons to date Asian girls

If the only thing that is in your mind is ‘I want to date an Asian girl’ then you should look for a legit Asian date site. But if you still have doubts, then our top-10 reasons to date Asian girls is what you need.

1. Asian girls are blessed with a sophisticated beauty

Historically Asian region has been reserved without any outer influences for a long time. That helps to preserve the beauty of Asian women as it is, which is the first reason to look for Asian ladies to date. The typical look of Asian women is not only porcelain skin and straight black hair. There are also women that have darker skin tones and even curly hair who adore more Westernised aesthetics. Asia is a place of diverse women who have perfect facial features and hot bodies.

2. Your girlfriend from Asia will always look stunning

Another reason why you should seek Asian girls to date is her dedication to be at her best all the time. Stunning Asian ladies never take their beauty for granted and always try to give it some support with everyday beauty routines and sunscreen.

3. Hot Asian beauties have incredible bodies

One of the main reasons why Western men adore the beauty of oriental women is their petite and sexy bodies. They are so great partially due to genetics and partly due to their preference for a healthy lifestyle and doing light sports activities every day. So if you want your girlfriend to have a smoking-hot body or if you just are an active person, look for an Asian date online.

4. You’ll never guess your Asian girl’s age right

The superpower of Asian women is to stay young till old age. When you look at a typical 40-year-old woman it’s easy to guess that she is 20 or around that. Having the possibility to say that you have charmed an attractive and charming woman is always something to be proud of and is another reason why you should try to date Asian ladies.

5. Women from Asia make loyal partners for life

The incredible quality of Asian girls comes from their traditional background and right family values. As Asian women strive to have a happy family they won’t consider ruining it for a fling or a one-night stand. When Asian beauties choose their man they prefer to stick with their choice. If you want to have a faithful partner for life, look for an Asian girl date online.

6. Dating an Asian lady allows you to explore a new culture.

Another reason why you need to find Asian women to date, is an opportunity to enrich your inner world with new cultural beliefs, customs, and traditions. Many believe that differences in mentality can ruin a relationship, but if it is approached right, you can only make your life better and create an interesting mix of cultures suitable for your family.

7. Majority of Asian girls have versatile talents.

Dating Asian singles is not only about being with a beautiful woman, but it is also about being with someone who is interesting, creative, and gifted. You’ll be amazed how many talents pretty Asian ladies have. For example, Asian women for dating are great at multitasking and can easily combine full-time careers with running errands and bringing up children.

8. It is easy to meet Asian date online

Finding the best Asian brides online is not that hard as you may think, as there are a variety of international and specialized services that offer to connect with hot singles from Asia. Also, online dating is trending in the Asian region and there are a lot of sexy singles who are seeking Western men for dating. Also, your Asian online date can be as romantic as an IRL one.

9. Modern Asian beauties are into foreigners.

Modern guys from Western countries are really popular among Asian girls for their go-getter mentality, ability to provide for the family, and treating their partners as equals. Also, many Asian ladies are not used to the parents of Western guys which makes them exotic and alluring.

10. Asian ladies love sensitive men

Their concept of a manly man is popular in the West, however, Asian ladies are not about the partner showing strength or masculinity, they are more into their sensitive side. So if you’re a sensitive and expressive man you should definitely try to date Asian women online.


We hope that our top-10 helped you to explore the mentality and character of modern Asian girls. These hotties are really charming and can become incredible partners for Western guys. So don’t waste your happiness in doubts if you want to date an Asian woman.

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