It all started with one watch

Hi, I’m Rico, a graphic designer and former DJ, turned fashion designer. Still designing, not so much DJing. My background is in strategy and design and I’ve worked with startups and Fortune 500’s on just about every aspect of digital design you can think of. But I, like most people, have other interests, and fashion is one of them. So I wanted to share a little bit of my love for design and fashion with the world and I’m first doing that through watches. Why a watch? Well, keep reading…

It all started in 2010 while I was living in Italy. I was visiting the Republic of San Marino, which is essentially a country within the country of Italy itself. A beautiful city really, with two very old medieval castles up on a hill on opposite sides from one another. I stopped inside an Orologeria (watchmaker’s shop) and fell in love with the detail of watch making and how seriously it’s taken. I was never one to wear watches much at all — in fact, I only really knew of Rolex which I couldn’t afford — but in that specific shop, there was a Niko watch that really caught my eye. It was unique in that it had a rectangular face and a wide, white leather band. Without giving it much thought, I bought it.

When I moved back to the states later that year, I wore my Niko watch on almost a daily basis and would get compliments on it quite often. No one had seen a watch quite like it. After a few years I bought more watches, almost one a month — way more than I could actually wear. Shortly thereafter, startup watch companies began making headlines with simple, affordable, good-looking watches offered solely online which was a brilliant business model. And as more and more people adopted the trend, my love for watches and my background in design decided to partner up and I began designing my own watch. I was really drawn to the simplified, modern look.

Today, the diversity in modern, affordable watches keeps the market competitive and pushes creativity. So here, after two years of working on my design, making up my mind on names, and really just learning how all of this works (having never done it before), I am launching my own signature watch line early next year. Stay tuned as I will be updating somewhat frequently and hope to continue sharing my progress with all of you.

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