Ramiro Rodriguez
Feb 20, 2018 · 1 min read

Hi Julia!

Your article is on target! I didn’t know this before I read your content [or didn’t pay attention], but the last two purchases I’ve made online were both offered by influencers.

I purchased an ebook tutorial on CSS Grid by Rachel Andrews that was recommended by Chris on CSSTricks.com and I purchased a software package named Freeter.io that was recommended by someone else.

The funny thing is I trusted both sources [maybe naively] and I wasn’t disappointed. Freeter.io is a God send.

I’m still studying web development and I’d been trying to create a dashboard to help me get organized until I was introduced to Freeter.io. It’s a great app for people that need to get organized.

And Freeter is so much fun to work with, I’m still wondering how I didn’t come up with a dashboard like that :-).

Finally, Rachel Andrew is an awesome teacher. My CSS skills have improved considerably and I”m no longer afraid of the CSS Grid. It’s not so tough!

Thanks to influencer marketing….@julia.roobykon

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