To be honest, I was not a big fan of Netflix’s international subscriptions. Everybody knew that a U.S. based user would have access to more content than any international user. So the “rest of world” (ROW) was interested in faking their location to get a U.S. user account. It was easy (and still is) to set up a Netflix account with such a set up: “International accounts? Who needs them. I want to see everything that Netflix has to offer!” This perception might change sooner than we think.

As Netflix expanded internationally, the company doubled down at a global scale…

Photo credit: Lee under CC 2.0

We live in very exciting times in tech. For a technological application to succeed, timing must be right. I chose six (hyped) technology trends that will still make the news in 2015. Some technologies were hyped to be the next big thing in the past years, but haven’t reach maturity to have enough impact on the market. Others have past that stage as they find adoption in the mass market and propel company revenues. Here is my take on a few of many technology trends in 2015:

South-East Asia (SEA) is a fantastic expansion ground for tech companies. Consumers are mobile-first, technically very adept, and open to explore new services. Many Asian markets are catching up with the West at a fast pace or are have even overtaken us. Consumers are used to learning about new things every day. Two companies are turning this reality into revenue.

Enter the stage: Taxi apps Uber & Grabtaxi (… Easytaxi, Hailo et al.)

No matter where I go in the tech space, the taxi industry is a hot topic. Around the world, mobile app companies focus on getting you a…

Rico Wyder

Entrepreneur & angel investor writing about growth, global sales, and international markets. Fascinated by mobile, tech, different cultures.

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