My Data Science Journey — 6 Months Plan

The beginning of a new chapter in my life

I am Richard. I own a digital marketing agency called Local Growth Digital.

I am starting to learn Data Science and would love to share with you my experiences.

Exactly 7 months ago, in a meeting, my favorite client mentioned about how amazing would be if he had a data scientist on his team.

Data Visualization in Python with Datashader

At that moment, I didn’t know too much about this and what was the difference between a Data Scientist and Data Analyst.

I love learning new things and that would be something that I had to know immediately.

I started my research and as soon as I fully understood what it was about I knew that’s what I wanted to do. It was love at first sight.

All that data. All that information. Possibility to help decision-making of thousands and thousands business. A challenge. That was exactly I was looking for.

Where to start?

I knew more or less where to go and what I needed to do before start learning and eventually become a data scientist.

I don’t have a bachelor degree and almost everything I know in my life was self-taught mostly online. I am a very racional minded guy and everything needs to have a reason. I hate to waste time. I dropped out school because it was too boring and huge time consuming. The methodology was terrible and couldn’t catch my attention.

I learned digital marketing by myself and for 3 years I have been helping business to achieve their goals.

I decided to start my data science studying path 7 months ago and since then I have been developing a 6-months study plan that I can learn and get hired as a data scientist or analyst after this period.

It wasn’t easy. I had to research a lot of books, courses, webinar, bootcamp, videos and all the kind of study materials to accomplish my 6-months goal.

There isn’t a clear learning path to follow out there. What you need to know is what subjects are important and how to learn it. Then we have another problem, there is a thousand ways to do this.

The best article I found that sum up most subjects and the best online courses for them is this. However I will be following many other methods in this project.

Data Science 6-Months Learning Plan

After a in-depth research I developed my own learning plan that will cover basically everything I will need to know to work as Data Scientist.

I learn things very fast, have a good memory and some programming background. Because of that you might take longer than me to accomplish this goal but I am sure you can learn as well.

While working for local business I had to create many websites. Because of that I have a good knowledge of html/css/javascript/bootstrap.

Throughout this 7 months I was getting myself ready to start my studies. I use my time to learn: Statistics, Linear Algebra, probability and others fundamentals knowledge to help me learn faster. So, I won’t be learning totally from scratch. I might be making a new article explain in-depth what exactly I learn and how.

So, here is my plan. I am starting with DataCamp on Python. I decided to test Datacamp since they have a solid learning track. In 3 weeks I will start a Udacity data science nanodegree. I think with a specialized data science background I will take full advantage of their course and projects (part that I am most excited about).

Throughout this time I will be writing on Medium my experiences, taking some extra courses on coursera/udemy/edx and developing my curriculum.

After this if I believe I have a good amount of knowledge — and good curriculum already — I will start to apply for jobs while improving even more my curriculum through Kaggle and non-profit projects for free.

If I think I am not ready yet probably I will attempt to a data science bootcamp and after this try a job.

Datacamp — 3 weeks

Udacity Data Science Nanodegree — 4 months

Kaggle/Non-profit projects — 2 months

That’s my plan. Hope that everything goes right.

Thank you for reading and feel free to give suggestions.

See you next time.