Hi Ric, I totally agree with you that ad hominem attacks and voter insults are generally a terrible…

I personally do not think STEM research will generally be affected. However, if one is one of the “climate changes” fields or “traditional energy” fields, I would think they will be affected, one negatively and the other positively.

I personally believe the meteorological models are not reliable to predict climate changes (not to say that climate is not changing). As George Box said: all models are wrong, some are useful. These models are not because they (1) fail to fit the data; (2) they don’t have millions of years of data to fit to begin with (most model fits data starting in the 1800s, that’s just ridiculous)

In conclusion, I have no qualms for the climate science researchers. They have formed an echo chamber that censors dissidence. Check out Dr Judith Curry from GIT.

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