Hi Ric, people made mistakes across the political spectrum; surely you saw the name-calling from…

Thank you for your response. I just registered on this site without know anything about this site (probably won’t invest much either) and this is the first thing pushed up my timeline. It’s is just ridiculous approach you are taking and I have to speak up.

I am an Asian legal immigrant to the US. By any standard I should vote Democrat. I was a fan of all the talk shows like TDS, LWTWJO. However, the left in the past years have totally driven me to the right side of the isle because a lot people like you have totally lost common sense.

What “common sense” you say? Just some on top of my head:

If you want me to vote for your candidate, you would not call me all these names like “racist”, “sexist”, “xenophobe”, just because we are concerned with the potential drawbacks. I don’t know if it’s marketing 101 (I work in STEM), but I would think the first rule of marketing certainly exclude “insulting your clientele”.

If you want to persuade me, you don’t set up straw man arguments. For example you can’t just say “Republicans are anti-immigration” just because they are against illegal aliens. You can’t say “Asians are racist” just because we don’t want to abolish prop 209 that forbids race-based affirmative action. I know, that makes you feel good that you actually defeat something, except that’s not us.

Thirdly, I can’t even believe I need to tell you this, but media, like people, lie. You know the 81 to 6 corporation control of our media in the last 30 years (I hope), and you should know that the time is totally different. In the past, the media get their revenue from viewership, from commercials, ads, sponsorships. Today, it gets their money from the the top 1%: WaPo is nothing more than a blog site for Jeff Bezos and NYT Carlos Slim. The media have no intention or obligation to tell the truth. You need to get your own. Donald Trump has been extremely successful in exposing this inconvenient truth. When people go to their rallys, listen to what he actually says and the next day casually read totally opposite report on these media, who do you think they will believe? On the other hand, you only read the media, ignorant of what he says, who do you believe?

There are a lot of other “common sense” the left has been missing. I really appreciate you mention some in your post. Maybe people on the left would heed those, maybe not.

Nevertheless, the social engineering approach that has been permeating in your post won’t do. Most Trump supporters work, and at large probability they are trained against this. It’s a little naive if you believe this will ever work, without soliciting any reasonable arguments, where I have great confidence that you will lose: just look at the Democrat platform now, or is there one?

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