i began with intention.

everything as it should be.

fiction the nature of what will be.

of what was of what is

ever in its forming.

truth written on the inside of an egg.

history is a tailored fashion.

the desk in her office handmade —

adequacy is beautiful.

i wish i had one of ironwood.

we spoke of timelessness of timefulness

if space is round is so too time

Blake’s eternity seed

a fractal

a roundness

a point


inside out

wave &


Emily’s skull holds infinity.

infinity built moment by moment.

o the width of a moment cannot be measured.

ride into the endless field

arrive where there is

no wasteland

no whimper

no bang

70–120 miles per second: thought

186,000 miles per second: light

186,000 miles per second x

the length of time/space:

quantum entanglement

does that mean light

in dreams slows

down or is it

born in



your life moving

at the speed of dreams

i tell Helga she is a clown

happiness sunshine

what better way

than laughter

yes, yes

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