10000 steps

No its not a spy novel, it’s my daily step target, along side an hours exercise, If I come up short on the steps I always want to achieve the hour.

Well I’m on my week off, and so far I’ve done

  • Saturday 24000
  • Sunday 12000
  • Monday 10000

So I’m on target for achieving the target every day of my week off.

I’m 45 years old, slightly over weight and have the best exercise tool

Stella. And I live on the edge of some of the oldest, untouched woods in the uk. So I can disappear for ages with Stella.

I’m motivated by my dear old dad, who died in 2012, but at my age was a firefighter. Buy when he retired he retained his eating habits and put on weight. Watching him circum to his ailments was hard and it motivated me, to watch my weight.

Along side my walking I’m largely sugar free, I’ve eliminated actual sugar from my diet, and aim to keep all sugars under 80g per day.

Between the 2 I’ve lost almost half a stone in 3 weeks.

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