the last thing Craig remembered was nothing, he did not even know that he was Craig, Craig Mitchell an IT student from the university of Essex in Colchester.

He woke feeling like he had the worst hangover ever, he opened his eyes, finding himself in a room, with only a bed and a duvet and he was in it, the room was bare, no decoration on the blank walls, the only detail he noticed was that there was mold creeping down the walls.

without warning a phone dropped onto the bed in front of him, it rang and as he was the only one in the room, Craig assumed it would be for him.

“Craig” the voice on the other end said

“who’s Craig” Craig replied

“oh dear, those idiots have done it again, i am sorry, you, you are Craig Mitchell!” the voice replied

“ok what am i doing here, where am i and who are you?”

“i will answer all of these questions in good time! the answer to the first question is that my colleagues found you passed out, outside the Dog and Duck in the high street! now you are at the centre of a Maze, I will ask you a series of questions, i will not tell you whether youre right or wrong, i will merely guide you through the maze, if you make it out you will win a proportion of £500,000 if however the timer runs out you’ll become a Colleague. “ the voice laughed

“ so i have no choice then?”

“of course you do, you can choose to play, or not too and become my colleague straight away!”

a door opened, and Craig stepped thru, he was in the middle of a corridor at which he could turn left or right, a PA crackled into life, “Craig, can you hear me?”

“good the game has begun, your first question, It begins with H and is a port near Colchester?”

“Harwich!” craig offered

2 doors shut, the one to the room Craig had just stepped out of, and the one to his left, guiding him to his right, he walked about a hundred steps, and came to a junction, at which again he could turn left or right.

“question 2, who is the former England captain who plays cricket for Essex”

“there’s too many answers, to that, can you refine the question?”


“OK then Alistair Cook!”

the door to Craig’s right shuts, leading him to the left, ahead 200 yards he comes to another junction, but this time a table is in front of him, with a Pistol and a butterfly knife upon it.

“Now you must choose a weapon, my colleagues will be ahead trying to stop you”

Craig wasn’t sure if the pistol was loaded, so he chose the knife, the voice asked him why he’d not chosen the gun, so he explained I have no way of knowing if the gun is loaded.

the voice was impressed, Craig you did not make the obvious choice so i shall assure you the gun is loaded and you may take it, he had said

the door to Craig’s right shut and as he turned to the left a door ahead opened, and a figure came running towards him, wielding an axe, he fired a single shot, the figure dropped to the ground. Craig stooped over the figure, and lifted its hood, it was Craig’s brother Michael, Craig had shot his own brother.

“Michael was not one of your Colleagues!”

“how can you be so certain?”

Quickly now the clock is running, Craig moved on, Craig had issues with Michael, who was always in trouble, trying to score drugs, he was, Craig rationalised, better off where he was now.

Craig moved quicker, after a few yards he came to another junction, “this time Craig you must choose which way to go, neither choice is wrong, but then you will face somebody at either turn. Craig pressed a button to his right, and the door opened, to be faced by his mother, hos mother wasn’t cruel but wasn’t the greatest mother, unapproachable and unhelpful at the times Craig had needed her, especially when he need help with Michael.

“hello Craig, where’s Michael?”

Michael, Michael, Michael everything’s about bloody Michael the drop out drug addict, me i am at university, Craig was beginning to remember!

Craig raised the gun, again firing once he shot his mother between the eyes, and behind her a door opened.

Craig, Craig hello sleepy,

“where am I?” Craig felt groggy, like he had the worst hangover, he opened his eyes, Craigs Dad Bryan stood over him, your in hospital son, somebody found you outside the dog and duck.

“what about Michael, and Mum? where are they?”

Bryan explained “don’t you remember Craig they died, 2 years ago yesterday”

Craig, realised he must have been dreaming, and summised that the voice was his own trying to sort through his emotions after losing his mother and brother to a murder who had shot them both a single time, between the eyes!!!!!!!!

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