It’s not something, until recently I really have given much thought to, until I realised the threat to my local environment.

The #middlewick #ranges are home to a diverse plethora of species, from tiny butterfly to Britain’s only venomous snake the Adder ( shown above) badgers to buzzards they’re all there.

But the powers that be want to destroy that rich diversity to build homes or offices. But who needs these new homes?

The mega rich developers, and those people who want an income from rent, the mega rich Russian oligarchs will pay to build them. Then some foreign greed monger will buy them 4 at a time and rent them back to you.

So who knows what your money will be financing.

If the Lefties manage to get Jeremy Corbyn into number 10 on the 8 or 9 June then Colchester military past,will be the past but equally the capitalist right want this development.

The flora and fauna, the arborial majesty of the trees and all the species they protect will be gone.

The concrete jungle will expand, and who knows in time may lie derelict, but the birdsong will be silent, the only potential snake bite will be in a pub and my friends you’ll have nowhere to escape with your dog.

Inventors will have to invent a pet toilet, your home will house a pet treadmill to make sure your cat or dog gets some exercise.

But the fat cats will grow fatter finding ways to sell you oxygen that they deprived you of, just think that your grandchildren may never know the wonder of walking in the woods, seeing a humble blackbird, thrush, robin or sparrow.

Maybe if they’re lucky, you’ll take them to the museum of nature and tell them of how you walked as one of the three wise monkeys hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil, just like the majestic ostrich, I let it all go by while i buried my head in the sand.

I say rise up, and see what’s going on for once it’s gone, forever it is gone.

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