I can’t

The easiest get out in the world “I cant”

I can’t be bothered

I can’t do that

and it’s our standard get out clause, but what if you can be bothered, you can do that or at least try.

Trying new things, as I understand it as I’m only a reader, fires more synapses in your brain and uses more serotonin (the best if your transmitters if you depressed)

My mother always used to say “you won’t find Can’t in the dictionary!” and I undoubtedly fired back ok “I cannot” but suddenly I realise all she was trying to do was change my approach.

If we said “ I cant” to everything wed be in bed permanently; sound familiar?

One of my worse traits I picked up from my mother was to overanalyse everything and I think, now as a more positive person, I was looking for that I can’t moment.

Recently I decided to do some study, I’m reading to decide which way to go, however the old me would’ve been stopped at I can’t when I realised I’ve no clue about calculus, and I’d have given up, well the new me decided to give it a look, give it a try and see.

Because in the UK at least, we have to go to school until, at my time, the age of 16 unless we wanted to go on to further education. But see that have to bit is the loser, you don’t want to be there.

So as an adult I WANT to learn

I’ve spent the last 2 months proving that, opening my mind to both sociology and psychology, which is where apparently a knowledge of calculus is needed.

So I’m going to give it a go

OK I may not get on with it, and if I don’t I’ll search out a tutor who might be able to help,

I can’t no longer fits in my life or vocabulary
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