Outdated Bmi

This may be old news, however it annoys me that the BMI is still used when it has been debunked, as it calls the likes of Laurence Dallaglio obese, rugby players have hardly any ounce of fat on them, but their body mass index (bmi) is on the 30s or 40s.

The NHS put too much credence in a system that does not measure body fat at all, would I be wrong in thinking that Fat ways less than muscle?

I’m 15st I’m 6ft reasonably fit, and walk around 3 to 6 miles a day with my dog and my bmi is 27.5.

I’d describe somebody I know as NORMAL but had a bmi come back as 34 which knocked this persons already low self esteem all they wanted was fir a consultant to say it’s this, that or this but no “you need to lose weight!” and I’ll give you this exercise sheet.

I know that as consultants you have a job to do, and unfortunately a duty to your managers to not spend money so that they can have their bonuses but primarily you’re their to make people better?

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