The power of the media

The media have us by the short and curlies, they are the biggest and most influential of the bourgeoisie, controlling what information they want to give us, that they have.

They’ve the power to bring down governments and influence the election of the next.

I bet Donald’s banned fake news list were either anti him or pro hillary.

In all walks of life, in evert corner of the world we have access to the media, nowadays not just mainstream, TV, radio and broadsheet and tabloid newspapers, but social media, you cannot escape the pull of the media even if you want to, but to get a full picture, you need to watch, read and listen to multiple broadcasts to filter out the dogma and actually get the facts.

Even the groups on Facebook evoke argument and debate, why this, why not that. A tweet can go viral or a video of a dog, cat, snake or raccoon can be seen by millions around the world.

Donald has in this writers dogmatic view made a terrible mistake turning aspects of the media against him, will he expect an easy ride from the BBC when he visits the uk later this year?

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