The power of “yes I can!”

Over the last 2 years I have learnt the power of a positive mind, is a reality it’s so empowering.

For example, my recent decision to reduce my sugars, the old me would’ve immediately thought that’s impossible or it’ll be too hard, and my amygdala would defeat my intellect.

For me, having followed @EmmaTeamLYD via @Oldtownhypno and reading and applying the @chimpparadox, positivity was almost an instant thing, instead of finding problems, or failing and giving up, I quickly learnt how to see solutions to problems, and that failure is not a barrier, it is a lesson in what NOT to do.

Failure dogged me, I couldn’t understand why, but if I suffered a set back it was the end both in the RAF and as a referee.

The latter, I was becoming a good referee in football (soccer) and I put myself up for promotion, 2 of the 3 assessments went swimmingly but then, the last match I was struggling with the sun in my face, the assessor didn’t make himself known to me as was the norm so I changed my diagonal and the second half went to pieces. Low and behold the assessor walks in, I wanted a hole to open up and swallow me whole. That was it I never refereed again.

But now I understand that it was my primitive amygdala hijacking me, fearing that failure again, as I suppose it was all it knew, follow this path and this happens simple maths, right.

Wrong, lesson from the referee, don’t always assume the assessor will make himself known at half time. my blog that I started in 2015 documents a lot more of the path I have taken to recognise my anxieties and avoid depression.

But like the fool in the tarot cards my journey is still an ongoing one, the day I stand still is the day I die.