With every negative thought

With every negative thought the black dog creeps closer

Self doubt, makes it welcome

It doesn’t like company, so your friends will be long seen off

Self loathing helps the black dog becomes a Rottweiler but starts as a chihuahua

The black dog doesn’t walk the black dog just sleeps on you

The black dog doesn’t like new the black dog knows he can’t

They say that dog is man’s best friend well this one, certainly not

The black dog is emotional but joy is not allowed

So see off that black dog now, an effort it may be, it wants you locked away

The first step you must take, is recognising this hounds presence

The next is to call for friends and family tell them that he is here.

Now the hardest part, become the black dogs master, open the front door and say “on your way black dog on your way”

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