I take a interview of Mr. Fahad Islam.He is doing a job in HUUFFAZ CORPORATION (PVT) LTD And he is a Accountant manager.I ask some question about his job.

1:what is your position there?

2:Before where you work?

3:Are you satisfy whit this job or want better that job?

4:what is the culture of your company?

5:what is the method of company selecting candidate?

6:what challenges you have faced during the job?

7:how the process of interview?

8:what are your greatest professional strength?

9:Did you achieve your goal?

10:How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations?

11:GOVT job better or private job better?

12:what’s your experience about Amal academy?

This experience is very good before this activity i don’t know how the actual work done.I learn more things.when I talk to MR. Fahad Islam many question have been cleared.He share his experience how to face the difficulties to the job.I learn how to give interview and also learn what is problem and how to face it during the job.I get more information about practical life. I learn how to deal with stressful situation.

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