Edhi Sahib Reading

A man with humanity and a man of mankind Mr.Abdul Sattar Edhi, a man who sacrifice all of his life for poor and needy. He said “People have become educated,but have yet to become human”. Without a formal degree or rich background. Every single word uttered by him used to make a huge impact on people. Throughout his life, Edhi Sahab set example for the world through his actions. Infact, more work and less talk remained his principle till the very end. Just like Amal’s principle for progress. Just like Edhi Sahab i have also seen an example in my own family in the form of my grandfather who was a literate person but at the time when Pakistan came into being, his elder brother betrayed him and become the owner of the entire property. My grandfather migrated from India to Pakistan and started living in Lahore. At that time, he had no job, no money to buy food but he help poor children anyway. He teaches them free of cost. After sometime he became the manager of Coca Cola Pakistan. He build schools in India where poor children can get education free. He always taught my father to help others whether you are financially capable of doing that or not.

#Just start Project

Well, from many years I've a goal of becoming a professional photographer but my family never give me permission to adopt it as my profession or getting a bachelor’s degree in it.

So, i decided to take admission in a business school, as my father wanted to see me there. But I've a deep passion for photography.

Description: Salt Mines, Pakistan Shot: Taken by Me.

At that stage i decided not to give up on my goal and started learning photography skills on my own. For this purpose i need a camera. So, i started saving money and then bought a camera. Now i learn skills through internet and i also join some photography pages on social networking sites.

Iam not yet done with my tasks because it require continuous learning but i’ll try hard to continue it until i achieve my goal.

This experience of my life teaches me that you have to just start, whatever you want to do just take a step for it.

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