Activity 1: Learning about your abilities from your friends

This activity is quite interesting because in this we have found an opportunity to know about ourselves what people think and how they judge us. What is our importance and how we are able near them? This is very interesting activity. After doing this activity I realized it is very important we should aware what our friends or family members or other people think about us. This experience was a good and also bitter because people tell you those things that we don’t know about ourselves but after doing this activity now I am well aware what people think about me.

I was surprised when my friends started telling me how I am, what personality I have and how worthy I am near them. I was surprised how people think about me even that my friends. Through this activity I have an idea what and how other people think and judge you. So I came to know many new things about me those I don’t know about myself but they realized me that you have this strength and capability. As we see ourselves in the mirror people see you through your behavior or in the way you communicate or deal with them.

I was aware of my strength but not more, when people told my strength then I realize and surprised. I got confidence in myself that what people expect from me and I have to fulfill all the expectations. When people encourage you definitely feel good, confident and motivated. Most of the times we need appreciation from others to grow ourselves. We perform well when we know there is someone who will judge. So judgment of others is also very necessary.

My friends told me the skills that I have hardworking, self-motivated, self- confident, trust worthy, good decision-maker, creative, good student, helper, friendly, optimistic, problem solving, caring, give importance, talented, take seriously work and do work hard, where feel satisfaction do that work. And weaknesses are Sensitive person, Nervous around people, quickly hyper and moody.

After knowing this I will try to less my weaknesses and use strengths for achieving my goals. I will try my best.

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