Informational Interview

I have done first time this activity and learnt many things how an informational interview is conduct. For this purpose I took time from Asim Bilal who is from the fourth Batch of AMAL Academy. He is currently doing job in UBL as a Retail Banking Officer. I made call to Sanam Zia who is from the second Batch of AMAL Academy. She is currently doing job in Kaarvan Crafts Foundation as an Asst. Manager marketing and Communications. Both of are good I texted them and said it’s an urgent. They helped me. I asked them questions regarding their professional life and where they are working etc. are as follow;

Where are you currently working?

What is your position there?

Before this where did you work?

Are you satisfy with this job or want to get better one?

How is the working environment?

What is your greatest professional achievement?

Did you achieve your goals?

Where do you see yourself after 3 to 5 years?

What is the most difficulty that you faced in the job and how you handle it?

How do you deal with pressure and intense situations?

What is your experience?

What/how will you guide me regarding your experience?

While calling I felt myself professional because this is the first time that I called someone and asked about his/her experience. Firstly I made call to Miss Sanam Zia and after this I called to Sir Asim Bilal. Before making call these two, I practiced and after this I realized that I can do the assigned task with little effort. We learn more practically than in written form. I done this practically and I know how and what to talk where to stop and by doing this communication skills and confidence also enhanced. I learnt how to take information regarding what you want professionally. Sometimes we learn just by observing the things and sometimes we have to do the things practically.

As I learnt from my experience if you want to improve yourself, you can also use this technique to enhance your ability. We are born to learn things that we don’t know. So never feel shame and start that activity or skill that you want to achieve. By this we can learn many things that will be helpful in future. I have a good habit that is I never say anything or activity useless because nothing is useless in this world even a small “ant” or “needle”. If all of we adopt this habit we will never let go anything useless. I learnt self-confidence and motivation from this activity and these are very necessary for our working and for us.