Try to No Fear and be Confident

My Goal is “confidence and Improvement in English speaking”

I want to achieve this goal so that i can talk with anyone in English confidently and the other one is for Job purpose. I am a Business student and our professional language is English and it is important for us. So it is also reason for the selection of my Goal.

After Matriculation I started practice for writing Daily Routine and couldn’t continue this activity more. In University when I started talking with my friends they laugh at me and I discouraged and don’t try more with them. I watch English Channel and NEWS to improve my listening skill.

To fulfill this Goal, following are the tasks;

1. by watching English Channel (Movies, News, Match Commentary)

2. by Reading (Books, Newspaper)

3. And last one is by speaking with other.

One of my Tuition Teacher told me that for learning any language there are four skills; Reading, Writing, Listening And Speaking. I got my education from Urdu Medium School. Reading and writing skills as all learn from very little age. And as other learnt, I also learnt these two skills. I started to improve my Listening skill for this purpose i watched English Channels, listen news and Match Commentary. In starting i realized difficulty and with the passage of time I realized improvement in my this skill and last one is Speaking English I try for this but I don’t stick to it because of my fear what will happen if I don’t continue speaking. My cousin suggests me if you want to speak in English or you want to improve your English Language, take any topic in your mind and then think about that. If you need to speak at any spot you can easily speak. That’s why I chosen the task that related to the skills of learning any language.

Taking step for new thing is difficult at starting point but we learn many things from that. In starting I felt difficulty but as the time passed, things become clearer to me. And of course I learnt from my experience as someone said that “your big teacher is your last mistake”. So always try to be positive in every aspect.

My next step is to implement it on myself and to overthrow my fears. In Sha Allah I’ll be successful one day in achieving this goal.