khudi and self learning.

”This is not the reason you are normal. if you have no good to give him, give him nothing ,but do not God’s favours to you against him who has received none”

In this quote, he just told us to do something for someone. otherwise one day you will leave the world and you have nothing with you. and if you never do something for others then just do nothing for them. but do not do for the sake of GOD just do for the sake of HUMANITY.

I have learned from EDHI SB , that do something for those who are mentally disturbed or not able to raise there voices. just bring your voice loud for them through which they took a breadth of happiness. but if you do not raise your voice for them so just shut your mouth and doing nothing for them. I think this is the best idea for them to do. NOW, from AMAL fellowship, I think i am able to do that for someone. because i am able at that time to do that.

I want to achieve some goals in my life like I want that which I said I have to do that. because I think I am not good in that. I am too shy to talk to others like boys so I have to improve my this shyness into my ability. I know I am facing so many challenges to do that but once I determined I know I am better than others. I want to improve my learning skills too because I am taking a lot of time. I am not a good time manager but I want to improve that too. I know I have to do a lot of struggle to change my all weaknesses into abilities but I want to do that.

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