A beautiful story which will make everyone believe that such love does exist…

The story of a girl name rohee whose life changed 8 years back that’s on year 2009 when she was still studying in school.It was 1st day of school a new class and where each and every student where new, the girl Rohee went to school early morning she was nervous yet happy..This girl use to be very shy she never use to talk to any boy’s before..she always hated boy’s. But things got really change when she met a boy. The 1st day when she entered the class as usual she was shy and nervous few minutes passed by and the miracle happnend…the good looking boy whose name was Rian entered into the classroom and that was a day as Rian just entered in the classroom and Rohee just fell in love with him it was absolutely love at 1st sight.Each and every girl was lookinh at him..Few days passed away and the mam thought of changing everyone’s place and make them sit as one boy and one girl on each bench…its really funny as during school times this was somethng every student use to feel shy about as they use to get parted by their friends and sit with opposite gender someone they don’t even know.

But that day everone got their new places and new partner’s..but unfortunately rohee wasn’t present that day..The next day as Rohee came early morning she was standing down in the queue with other girls…and suddenly from her class few girls came and told her ‘Do you know who your partner is?. and she was like yes who is it, so the girls told that her partner is Rian..and rohee was like not showing interest and said ok..but from inside she was very much excited and happy.

So when all students atlast sat with their new partner..it was rohee and rian sitting together and they introduce each other.Time really passed by and there where to many lovely moments between them..They always use yo fight with each other,tease eachother as well be like friends too.

Their was a time when Rian use to not do homework and not even use to write whatever teacher wrote and he use to tell Rohee to write it fro him.. ‘He use to be like if you really think we are friends than write it for me’..and rohee use to write it for him as she was in love with rian..there was one such moment where rian use to stare at rohee and once he told that does she like him and rohee told rian she will never like rian as he was very arrogant and had too much attitude…but from inside she did love him..once rian was crying and when rohee saw him crying she was feeling very sad..the year passed away quickly and both of them got seperated and went to next grade in different class but that 1 year was truly special for rohee.

Year’s passed away quickly and they nevr met each other but rohee’s love for rian never faded..At one point as Rohee started growing she came too know how much she loved Rian….

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