New Approaches, Same Principles


This morning I went out and grabbed a Coffee Press at the personal recommendation of Chris Brogan. I was ready to pull the trigger on a new Keurig, but I decided to give the Coffee Press a try since Chris’ always has great business advice in his emails.

So right now I am drinking a cup of Pike’s Place Medium Roast brewed in my new coffee press and this is an excellent cup. Great recommendation!

The Coffee Press is unsurprisingly not new. Wikipedia informs us that the Coffee Press was created in 1929. Despite its manual process, it still produces arguably a better cup of coffee than my now very recycled but automated Keurig. There are many ways to brew a cup of coffee, whether using a K-cup or a regular drip coffee brewer, the end result is still a cup of coffee.

This is similar to the marketing industry and how it goes through its waves of new terms and approaches. At the essence many times even though a process of practice has a new term, the fundamental principles don’t change. When I worked for a large ad agency, I worked in “Custom Publishing” where content was created around a brand story or product. Once Web 2.0 matured, this discipline was now called “Branded Content,” which you may now know as Content Marketing. Different terms, all practically providing the same result, a deeper connection with the consumer.

As evolving marketers, we have to be mindful that while there will always be a new approach. At the true essence of marketing, our job is to establish relationship with our consumers. This will always be the underlying theme of our approach. New terms, same pony and show.

Have an outstanding week! Have any marketing questions? Send me an email.

– Lawrence

BTW — Outside of the name of the series, our Monday Morning Caffeine articles will not always be heavily inundated with coffee references. :)

Originally published at Riddick Agency.

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