RideGreen App — The Most Trusted Ridesharing App in New York

Commuting can be a beast, albeit a very necessary and consistent beast.

Do you know exactly where all your friends go on a regular basis? Your routes and schedules might be closer than you think.

As we all know, not everyone can get a public transport to work; whether the suburb is hard to go or your schedule just clashes with the bus or train timetable. Therefore, the driving is the only option, which makes you on time and can also help someone who is also headed to the same direction. On an empathetic note, it also adds to the reduced carbon emissions from a large number of vehicles on the road.

Whether you are a driver looking for a company, to share commuting costs or a passenger who needs to get somewhere, you can do this with the RideGreen partner app for drivers. If you are traveling to a particular route, you can offer ride to other people and can share your driving cost and save money. For riders,requesting a ride, which is comfortable, affordable and verified, is now easier with the RideGreen app.

RideGreen app offers friendly drivers for your commute and helps you to reach to your destination comfortably. With RideGreen,riders can request the ride and let them connect with the drivers instantly. It offers a linking service connecting riders on similar routes as that of drivers.

We can say that RideGreen is on a mission to transform the way people commute conventionally in a more affordable and accessible way by requesting a ride from a friendly neighborhood driver who is traveling to the same location. Taking a rider along for the ride can help reduce the amount of money that a car driver has to pay for tolls, petrol and parking.

With RideGreen app, you can request a ride anywhere in the New York and its five boroughs including Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island. Just choose your pickup location and destination in the app and connect with drivers to set up a ride.

For payment, it offers a payment gateway system that calculates the fare and flashes it on the screen. Payment can be given via either cash or credit/debit card.

Several features of RideGreen app include creating a profile, location-based search for available drivers nearby, selecting the type of cars out of SUV, Sedans or Accessible vehicles, estimated arrival time of the driver, calculate fare and get the receipt of the ride, view your ride history and rate your ride and driver. You can also refer the app to a friend or relative.

Try this app to request a reliable and comfortable ride in few minutes.

You can download the RideGreen App for your Android or iPhone from the Google Play or App Store.

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