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Just one question.. and about types for your actions creators.. like signIn

How I can reuse the type Actions (created using ActionMap) to define signIn return type?

You don’t need too much to implement a push notification for your web app. Actually is pretty simple, just follow three steps.

  1. Ask permission for the user
  2. Subscribe the user saving his keys into a database
  3. Create ServiceWorker that will listening for notifications and display-it

After that, you use this keys to send a push notification.
You don’t need anything spectacular, no external service or API to do that.

In this post, I will explain how can we archive this without any database, just HTML/JS and

You can find the source code on GitHub:

Asking user permission

First task is ask…

Git tags help you to mark a point in your git history, we use this to mark our code/software version.

A little more about tags

In git we have two "kinds" of tags .

Annotated tag — Is store with some information

git tag -a v1.0 -m "First version"

Lightweight — Is an simple commit checksum without any extra information

git tag v1.0

This is important because `git description`treats this “kind”of tags different.


git describe is a git command that display the last reachable tag , this can be useful if you want to know the exact version of your code.

In your CI for…

This is a case if you use the same machine for work/home. You will need to be able to use different keys for different host.

One for

One for

Assuming that you already use id_rsa key for your all we need is tell to ssh-agent to use the other key when the host is

First, create a key for your work key

Creating new key

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "" -f "id_rsa_WORK"
# Your identification has been saved in id_rsa_WORK_rsa.
Your public key has been saved in …

We have severals libraries to help us with routes and redirect the request for the right function (aka controller) in http servers, but and about MQTT?

In MQTT we receive an topic with payload and we should be able to figure out whats this request is about and handle this request with the right function.

server.on('published', (packet, client, cb) => {
// Whats to do with the package ?

The question that I will try to answer is how handle MQTT request with functional programming paradigm.

The processor

The first step is create a module that process the request ..


Promise state with React+Mobx

I'm pretty sure that you end up with a situation when your component need to fetch data from the database and this process envolve

  • Display loading status
  • Display error if the promise is rejected
  • Update data if the promise is resolved

Whats is the effective way manage this states isLoading , error in react?
Sounds like a simple answer, so ..

Let’s put an example:

Challenge #1

Build a TodoList component that should be able

  1. Fetch todos from server
  2. Show loading state for user whiling fetching
  3. If any error, display error
  4. After fetching, render todos list

It’s a good practice resolve promises soon as possible, so…

Some days ago I spend more than an hour to figure out how to update the graph when data change.

My goals is to update the position of element when data change.

For example, for each point A, B, C .. we have position X,Y.
If the position change I need to update the graph.

Creating the graph

To create this graph is pretty simple, we define some data..

const data = [
{“id”: “A”, “x”: 2000, “y”: 2000 },
{“id”: “B”, “x”: 5000, “y”: 5000 },
{“id”: “C”, “x”: 10000, “y”: 10000 }
const letters = “DEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ”.split(‘’)

Define the domain and…

I’m curious, enthusiastic and student most of the time, like the rest of the time to write code, especially in javascript.

Lodash and Underscore are great modern JavaScript utility libraries, and they are widely used by Front-end developers.

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Vue.js e Serviç

Criando e consumindo services com plugins


Sênior Web Developer

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